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    Going Home

    April 24 in the United Kingdom

    This morning we rose at 5, had coffee; packed and headed to the tram. Tickets-boo, we we arrived at the airport checked in, thru security and ready to shop in record time. I was smiling.

    Travelling with Tom is special; for someone who has made a career of travelling he sure gets uptight at airports. He sometimes forgets he is not a work; so it’s then every man for himself!

    A good example was this morning we planned to pick up a couple of items; of course we easily found them and he offered to go to the cash. I, of course kept shopping (just in case)...when I realized that it wasn’t a cashier but a machine I tried to find my way thru to help Tom as I knew machines are not his thing. When I got to him he had a big smile, boarding pass in hand and a bag of our purchases. What really happened, he paid too much and lost the receipt.. Nice try Tom.

    It’s true, I’m not all that fond of travelling as a passenger. In London, the bus drops me off right outside the airplane, we all climb the steps and we are there, on the airplane. No shopping, no hiking, for miles, no braving the gauntlet of people who are always in your way. We still have a part to play in security theatre, but that is about all.

    Dianne and I loved Scotland. It is true, they are frugal people, but we fit right in because we are too. We found strict adherence to the rules not as important to the Scots as is is to say, a London booking office. One example is our trip on the Jacobite Train (Hogwarts Express). If we had found a cancellation for the return trip at a later time, they would have charged us two one way tickets, The local folks just crossed our names out on the sear map and penciled us in with seats together. Return fare was secured with cash added to our electronic ticket and a comment from the local agent that those Londoners make things so hard.

    George Cockburn, a Captain I used to fly with told me that the sound of bagpipes always got him in a fighting mood. He was a Scot and judging by the what we saw at Gellions in Inverness, you can get the Scots fired up good with music and whiskey.

    Thanks to everyone who followed the blog. The comments were welcome and often quite amusing. We both enjoyed your participation.
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    Streets of St.Andrews

    April 23 in the United Kingdom

    The streets in St Andrews are lined with quaint stone buildings, the streets mostly cobblestone as is any old town in Scotland. This definitely adds to the charm...a reminder that high heels would be challenging. It is definitely a university town as the shops and eateries are crowded with students. We both liked St Andrews as it is charming and has a welcoming feel to it.

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    The Royal and Ancient

    April 23 in the United Kingdom

    A ride back to the train from the concierge, who has family (a son, grandson, and daughter in law) in western Canada. The plan is to take 3 trains and a bus to St Andrews. It works and we are in St Andrews, where golf was invented. We have lunch on Market Street, where all the college kids are having lunch too. After checking out the town, we mosey over the the Royal and Ancient golf course. There a number of courses to play here, and I must say, they look easy. The fairways are wide, I don’t see any sand traps, and definitely not a tree in sight. It looks flat, so every lie should be a good one. Obviously there is other factors at play that I don’t fully understand.
    This place is old. Before we arrived, I knew it was referred to as ancient, and I thought maybe a bit of an over statement. It is not! Ancient even describes the bus station. Nothing is new except for the cars around town. We both loved the place. Stayed for about 4 hours and continued by train back to Edinburgh.
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    I tried to look sympathetic!

    April 23 in the United Kingdom

    This morning at breakfast Dianne stated that had wanted to look at a shirt for me; but we have not had any time for browsing let alone shopping on this trip!
    I tried to look sympathetic but my eyes started to smile and that turned to laughter. Busted!

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