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  • Day16

    Living at Central Train Station

    June 14, 2019 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Well, we made it to the train station . The tour was pretty good but traffic was horrible. Mr Obama was in town as well as South Korean delegates for a conference, therefore roads were blocked and traffic piled up. There were six of us on tour off the ship, somehow SPB didn’t count on luggage for six and we were in a regular van, a little cozy but it worked. They chose the van as it was easier to navigate the traffic.

    Now, store the luggage, no lockers available; we went to coffee, naturally. Next , Dianne needs a washroom. Men and women line up together; you reach the counter. The man will make change for you, if you don’t have cash you can use your Visa to charge your visit to the toilet! It is a nice washroom considering it is at a train station; fake aquariums decorate the place.

    The Swedes have a unique take on washrooms and how to handle gender identity. All washrooms are gender neutral. Boys and girls, men and women, androgynous or two spirited it’s the same washroom. Seems to work. Dianne and I still have go separately as someone has to keep track of all our precious stuff.

    Next we will find food. Done. We find a park outside, sun is shining, great place to people watch.

    Finally time to go to airport. It has been quite the day we started on a ship, then car, train and now plane. It will be good to get home.
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