• Day26

    To the Tigers Nest (Taktsang Monastery)

    November 16, 2019 in Bhutan ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    Today is the day I’ve been looking foreword to for the whole trip. We are hiking to the Tigers Nest. It is a monastery located on the side of a cliff, overlooking the valley below. It is old and mythical and considered holy by most people, not just the Buddhists. Our hike starts fairly early. We started about 7:15 at an elevation of 8300 feet. The destination is about 9800 feet.

    Together we had talked a lot about this hike, among ourselves and with others who had done the hike. You can rent a donkey for the first part of the trek if you don’t think you are up to the whole thing, and some of us had considered that as we had some coughs and colds left over from India and Nepal. In the end though we all elected to walk. While we were walking, I noticed that some of the donkeys needed some motivating to keep going, a lot of motivating. It looked like the donkey motivator was pulling the donkey up the hill with a person on it.

    Our hike up the mountain started out chilly and got warmer as we progressed first from the sunrising and also from climbing. We took it slow and steady, taking breaks as we needed them. Didn’t take too long until we were out of our jackets and down to short sleeves. We stopped at the tea house for tea and a biscuit. Donkeys only go as far as the tea house and it gets steeper after that. We saw some donkey riders going on from there and some of them required motivators too.
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