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  • Day51

    Argentina airport.

    January 15, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    I didn't expect to write any more Posts as we were just transiting home. The connections home are terrible but the flights were substantially cheaper so obviously we booked them. The layover in Argentina was from 5am till 12am.
    Even though our bags were checked through we thought we might as well see if imigration would let us out of the airport. Worst they could do is say no and send us through transit, right? Turns out Australians and Canadians need to pay a $100US fee to leave the airport and this can only be paid online, prior to arrival. On top of this it turns out you can only be in transit for 12hrs. 😯😮
    After a couple of hours in the border security office we are now allowed to hang out in the airport under the watchful eye of two security/airport official people. We feel famous, they follow us everwhere. Technically we don't get to enter Argentina and no stamp in the passport. 😢😭
    On the up side i did get a Machu Picchu stamp in the passport.🖒🖒
    Argentinas airport is nice but it's got nothing on some of the mega airports.
    We have lots of time and will see how good they are at following us.
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