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  • Day57

    Fishing again

    August 11, 2017 in France ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Today was another rainy day. We were lucky that we did Laser tag yesterday instead of today because the man was right, it was going to rain today. But we still went fishing because sadly, Grandad couldn't catch any fish yesterday😩😩. I was wearing the clothes that Liz gave me, a fleece, a jacket and a wind breaker, but I was still cold, especially my legs. So while Grandad was fishing in the cold, we went to he restaurant and I got hot chocolate it was warm, so I felt better. Unfortunately, we find out that Grandad couldn't catch any fish 🙁with the raw ham fat and the fake worm. We went home and rested. I did yoga with Mammy and Conor and Daddy were playing Lord Of The Rings LegoVersion.
    We were in the house for a few hours and we decided to go for a walk and Grandad going fishing again. We went to the Gold Mine Lake again (like yesterday and this morning). We walked 3-4km (app.7000 steps), and it was still raining ☔️ and was still cold. Grandad couldn't catch any fish again😔and we went home. When we reached home, me, Conor, Nanny and Grandad got in the hot tub, it was sooooo nice and warm! I hope tomorrow is NOT cold and that Grandad can catch a fish🤞.
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