• Day15

    Best of Latino Flirting

    October 27, 2018 in Costa Rica ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Latin flirting - best of...

    TOP 5
    Manuel Antonio Beach, Chico promoting Lunch offers in front of a restaurant/ bar:
    „Do you want to get married?“

    Juanilama, 14y old boy
    „What’s your number ? What’s your facebook name?“

    Monteverde, our Salsa/Merrengue teacher describing the next dance move:
    „The goosebump move to her neck.“

    Monteverde, night walk guide spotting a Tucan sleeping in the tree:
    „Did you know, that they (Tucan) are monogam ? Just like Costa Rican Chico’s: only one love in their live“

    Manuel Antonio Hotel Park, receptionist short before we leave:
    „What kind of Sport do you do? I can see that your body is really good-looking. Can we connect on Facebook ?”

    FLOP 5
    Monteverde, Amigos bar, guy looking at 2 Dancing Latinas. One of them seems drunken:
    “She dances/looks like a horse.”

    La Fortuna, our tour guide remembering another tour story, when one of his guests was constantly taking insta stories and staring at her phone:
    “She thought she looked beautiful but she didn’t. Not at all.”

    Manual Antonio/Quepos, after we just entered a Latin dance club, a guy approached us (later doing push ups on the floor):
    “Look at me. I am a friend of Brian (our tour guide) and I am famous. Here is my insta. Look at this picture. That’s me with ... (some famous people). Do you want to get into the VIP area tonight ?”

    ... same guy making push ups on the dance floor later on 🙄

    Porto Vjecho, night walk guide:
    “There is a salsa lesson tonight. Let me see your sexy body moving.”
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