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  • Day21

    South Fl, Lucy and Charlie Brown

    January 9, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    30 hours later as planned I landed in Miami.... together with other 456 flights! Chaos at the airport. I was sent to the wrong belt to collect my luggage, fortunately other fellows travelers had the same experience so I was not the crazy Latino girl not knowing where to get her rucksack.
    Luckily the staff at the airport were very friendly and compassionate and helped us till finally I was in the right area.
    As “reward” the rental car company upgraded my car for a Chrysler 300.... no comments. I nicely refused the hearse I got back my Toyota Yaris.
    Very tired I finally arrived at my sisters, where Ava, Michelle, Lucy and Charlie Brown were awaiting for me 💕💕💕
    My learnings so far:
    - The equanimity training is working. I wasn’t mad or nervous during the time at the airport. I observed my emotions and behaviors and gave me so much love.
    - Although I was so tired 😴 I was full of vital energy gain in Indonesia and kept inside me as a precious treasure.
    - You are the only one that give a value to an upgrade. No matter if it is the rented car or the hotel room or anything, where someone else defines that it is an upgraded added to you in that moment. If this thing doesn't make me better, or happier or more peaceful, then keep better with the Toyota Yaris.... that is the right decision for me.

    Loving Charlie Brown and Lucy (see pics).
    I am beautiful (says the most beautiful little sobrina that someone can have)
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