• Day49

    Llahuar Hot Springs

    November 17, 2017 in Peru ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Right next to the river are the 4 pools with the hot water. The 2 slightly higher were quite cool and felt about 23C while the ones next to the river were a bit hotter at about 26-27C, still quite colder than the advertised 39C. This was ok with us since it was very sunny and quite hot in the canyon.
    There was no shade and the sun beating down on us didn't make it any easier. To add to that, the hot water wasn't very pleasant to sit in. After about 15 min, we moved to the higher much cooler pools. Here we sat in the water for another 40-50 min. There were quite a few small mosquitoes and sun flies there. They bit me pretty badly all over the face so I was out earlier, wore all the clothes and sat in the shade of the only umbrella there.
    At 11 am, we decided to start walking back to catch the 12 pm return bus to Cabanaconde since there was not much else to do here.
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