• Day49

    Back at Llahuar bus stop

    November 17, 2017 in Peru ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We climbed back up and were at the bus stop at 11:40, 20 min before the bus time. It was extremely hot and the sun was very sharp. While we waited for the bus, Hristo had a look at the maps and felt we should do the hike to the Huaruro waterfall and go back to Cabanaconde the next day since we had come prepared for an overnight stay. I had a different opinion since I felt that the hike of 5 hours to the waterfall with an elevation difference of about 500 mts would be suicidal in the burning sun, plus there was no place to stay at the waterfalls so we would have to trek down another 1.5 hrs to the nearest village for the overnight stay. Not only would the trek be too tiring and hot, we would also be trekking the last hour in pitch darkness as well.
    Eventually, we decided to drop the idea and head back to Cabanaconde. The bus came right on time around 12 pm. On the way back, one of the bus types blew up in a blast. The driver and the conductor changed the tyre while we waited before boarding the bus again to continue the journey.
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