• Day71


    December 9, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    We reached Cafayate at around 1:30 pm. We saw some boards advertising lunch menu for 60 ARS + Postres (dessert). This seemed like a very good price for a meal considering we had been paying upto 90+ for the day's menu till now. We stopped at the La Zona restaurant just opposite the YPF petrol pump at the start of the town.
    This place turned out to be a total fraud. The boards were just to entice the people in the 60 ARS was for a dis with rice and salad. For us that was the main dish not a menu, which normally consists of soup, main dish and a dessert. The dessert too was not included. On the board was a very small print saying optional next to the Postres. The one with the dessert included was for 90 ARS.
    The restaurant didn't have most of the things written in their menu card, not even juices and cold drinks. Hristo ordered the full menu with the dessert and after the food, he was given a spoonful of canned fruits that looked 10 days old, as dessert. 😝😝
    Whatever the situation, the owner always had a smile on his face 🤔
    After the food, we went for a walk to the main square. It was extremely hot and the main square looked that of any other town we had seen in Argentina. We went back to the van, wondering how we will do the trek to the waterfalls in the afternoon, since the plan had been to do the Siete Cascade (7 cascades) waterfall trek in the afternoon, just 6 kms from the town.
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