• Day129

    Fort San Fernando de Bocachica

    February 5, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    As soon as we reached the open sea, the pilot opened up the throttle and let both the engines loose. The boat literally flew across the water. We would be in the air every few seconds for quite a few seconds. Pretty soon, we had overtaken the speedboats that had left the harbor 10 min before us. But, our joy was shortlived as our boat turned and went straight for Bocachica, a small town on Tierra Bomba island in the Cartagena bay. Here, the boat stopped a while to let off some locals that had come on the boat with us. After dropping them, the boat had barely started picking up speed, when there was a commotion and the boat turned around to the island again. It seemed that one of the person on board had wanted a drop on the end of the island near the Fort San Fernando de Bocachica, a few kms from our 1st stop on the island. A lot of people in the boat started getting irritated by now. But, the boat turned around quickly and we were in open sea speeding away pretty soon. Here we saw some dolphins swimming in the water bit we were too fast for them to swim along. Just a few minutes in and suddenly the speed of boat dropped dramatically. There were some sputtering sounds from the engine. It turned out that one of the engines had stopped working so we had to go the rest of the way at half the power. Despite all the delays, we reached Playa Blanca by 10:35 am, a pretty good speed considering the distance.Read more


    No big deal,our Indigo airlines aircrafts fly with one failed engine

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