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  • Day11


    January 2, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Again we were thwarted with our picturesque vision of biking amongst the vineyards. This time it was too cold and a nasty wind. The road the wineries were on was also the open highway so multiple large trucks roaring past at 110km were another deterrent.

    We had a slower start after our large drive the day before and the colder temperature. Our first stop was Connawarra township which consist of a large cell phone tower, a general store and two wineries. Next we had a good wander around Penola. There has been considerable time and money spent on preserving the history of the area. It was all started including the grapes by John Riddoch and the other famous local was Mary McKillop who has recently become Australia's first saint.

    Our first wine tasting was at Patrick's and then a family vineyard called DiGrigorio. Lunch was then called for and the bakery back in Penola was the best option. It was so busy and very good products including a spectacular chocolate milkshake for Regan. Next winery was Majella who supposedly has the best sparkling Shiraz in the area, it was good and we bought 2 bottles for a special occasion. The final visit was Bloc that had an awesome Shiraz. Somehow there was nearly another dozen bottles in the back of the car and the camper van is now officially full.

    We did a bit of drive to a few other places marked on the tourist maps. We drove up the driveway of an old stately house called Yallum Park only to read a sign right at the house to say it was not open to the public. Quiet dinner in our camper as it was a very cool evening. The very quiet campground was all settled down for the night by 9:30pm.
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