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    January 28, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 31 °C

    We really struck the best weather. The forecast for Bali when we left Melbourne was for rain and lightning. How far from reality. Each day has been above 30 degrees. The sun is fierce. The humidity is draining. Our holidays normally involve lots of walking or biking. This one involved quite a few strolls to the beach or pool.

    Mondays breakfast was on the beachfront watching interesting people. There are still an abundance of Russians here. We had at least 30 mins entertainment watch a women asking repeated strangers to take a series of posed bikini shots searching for the perfect Insta gram shot. So much work for one shot including changing bikinis halfway through. I was exhausted for her. The Aussies will be heading home to school we suspect.

    We walked along the beachfront and discovered The Grand Hyatt hotel. It's by far the largest around here with manicured gardens and groomed sand on the beach. From there we walked onto the island that has blow-holes. Considering it was near low tide we still had a few explosions of foam.
    Security is everywhere along the beaches. Even our bags are checked each time we visit the local mall. The thoroughness of these checks is not high but at least there's a presence. We leave our day bag on our beach chairs without any trouble. Balinese people are very respectful overall. Always bowing to us. The Kuta sellers aren't quite like that but they do not dare touch us to entice us into their shops.

    Afternoons are at the beach were a constant. Book, swim, drink, book, swim, drink. Then back to the pool for a final swim, book etc. we normally are quite busy on our holidays but this time the heat, humidity, and atmosphere has slowed us down. No complaints at all though.
    Our last dinner was at the Spanish styled restaurant at the resort. Food was nice but the drinks were ridiculously priced so we kept away from alcohol.

    Our last day was a midday checkout for a 9.30pm flight. This is where the resort stands out. We have access to everything at the resort except our room. There's a departure lounge where we can shower and relax. We are of course following the tried and true routine of beach, swim, drink..... A large brunch of Indonesian food at the mall. The mosquitoes made the best of us this time. They were vicious. Then our last full Balinese massage before we leave this island.

    Trip to airport uneventful and the Premier Lounge at airport seemed fine. The reviews about this lounge were terrible so we weren't sure what to expect. A 6 hr flight back to Melbourne then a freshen-up at home before we head straight in to work. It's going to be a long day but this trip away has been a blast.

    Highlights to note. Bali is great if you stay away from the people in Kuta area. The locals are quiet and respectful but they do really also want you to spend your money.
    Beware of the prices on items. Most restaurants quote the gross cost then add GST and service charge at the end. GST is 11% and service charge is anything from 10-17%. Look at the fine print on menus. The prices look reasonable until the add ons occur. Wine is a crazy price here.
    Oh.....and if you really need a soy latte daily then I suggest going somewhere else!
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