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  • Day51

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    January 2 in India ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    So.. Mumbai we didn't like so much.
    Too big
    Too overpriced
    Too polluted
    Too much contrast between extreme poverty and extreme richness
    Too little culture
    Too overpriced

    So we went down here thinking it would be fun for NYE, plus we were cold up north, plus we made a friend in Agra that lived there.

    The cheapest "nice" hotel we booked turned out not even to be in Mumbai but in New Mumbai which was 2 hours away from anything in Mumbai and with nye traffic would have taken about 4 hours with a very expensive uber ride. So we just had a nice night in for nye. Then we stayed in actual Mumbai to give it a proper chance but everything was still super far away! And everything was so expensive and not worth your money. So we quickly left that part of India. We will return to the south some day but probably skip GOA too as it will be the same story only more white people.

    Oh yea we did one activity which was supposed to be really good but with all the time and money spent on getting there it was again disappointing and we payed 600 rupees while Indians payed only 40 which is really the worst price difference we've encountered up till now. Nice cave, not worth the trip.
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