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  • Day55

    Back to normal

    January 6, 2020 in India ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Ahmedabad was a far enough journey back up but we're so much happier here again! Small town, lots of chaos, cheap markets and friendly people. We are mainly really tired at this point from constant travel but still making the most of it. Went on a fantastic tour through the city.

    Learnt about secret passage ways designed as houses with even fake balconies made as a facade. And the squares having chalk boards to relay messages to the community. The architecture also ranged from Hindu, Muslim to Dutch, German and British. Not because of the rule but because the people of Ahmedabad traveled a lot and then brought a piece of that countries culture and architecture back. Super cool and all around 600 years old.

    Next stop is a dessert town more North and more cold so we bought some warm sweaters here too. Finally getting a bit better at haggling
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    Dougal Featherstone

    Why did they have secret passageways?

    Ruby Featherstone

    [10/01, 12:53] Ruby: They had secret passage ways so that they could escape when enemies attacked [10/01, 12:53] Ruby: And so the enemies wouldn't know how they left [10/01, 12:53] Ruby: And couldn't attack

    Nona Welman

    haha nice, haggle gang