• Day104

    War of flies

    August 17, 2018 in Bulgaria ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    We had the choice: Take the road that is partly highway OR take small paths in undefined condition.

    We started the first half of the day on the highway with lots of traffic. We made some way but it definitely sucks to cycle there.
    After a relaxing lunch break at the beach in the shade and a swim, we changed our strategy and moved on to the small roads...

    ... which lead us into deep forest. The path was very steep and going up and down. Stones and sand change with potholes and bumpers. The first flies arrived and we did not realize early enough to better have returned ... until ...

    ... we were fully occupied by thousands and thousands of small black flies. The were everywhere. Trying to fly into nose and eyes. Trying all parts of our body. The summing noise in our ears was like a swarm of mosquitoes. We tried to breathe trough clothes. We tried to cycle away. We tried to wave and shake. But they just came and stayed. It was horrible. It was hard to not panic. Our pulse was too high. It was too hot. And far too many flies!!!!

    The only hope was to endure this nightmare and to reach the next city. It took around 30 minutes. But we made it.

    Loss of today:
    Jo: bike carbon fork got a first crack
    Wi: lost sunglasses and a lot of nerves
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