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  • May25

    Day 6 of cruise at sea - day 44

    May 25, 2019 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We had a very leisurely day packing and weighing our bags, and eating, and packing some more, then eating a bit more…… The highlight of the day was the Barricade Boys who performed at 3pm. They were even better than the shows of the other day – such energy and crispness to their dance moves coupled with amazing singing. We were in the front row and just loved having the best view of the house. To get those seats we went to the skit at 2pm where 3 married couples were randomly selected and the women sent away while the men were asked questions, then the women came back and supposedly supposed to guess what their husbands had answered. It was really hilarious specially the couple married for 30 years, and he couldn’t remember where he had proposed. The man married for 45 years did – he said it was at a party and I was sozzled. His wife said he was drunk at a party so same answer, and I guess their marriage has lasted pretty well.

    The packing went ok and bags out the door by 11pm. We had to remember to put in our carry on what we would need for the next 2 nights. Oh, and we may have played 2 handed 500 hundred again today – our go to game which I have been enjoying. I did suggest a new game, but we seem to be stuck with that one, and Jody will win one day…
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