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  • May26

    Day 7 of cruise Copenhagen - day 45

    May 26, 2019 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ 🌙 30 °C

    Off the shop at 8.30, and onto a bus tour. We chose this option as we could see a bit more, we would be dropped at the airport and it wouldn’t cost a lot more than a taxi. There was no way we were going to try public transport with the number of bags we had!

    There were showers during the morning, so it was a good option. We had good commentary and visited 2 castles which we went through and had fun taking more pictures. We got to the airport nice and early, and Jody kindly was only checking 1 bag on which was around 26kgs. So, I stuffed a few more things in my smaller bag, and together we had exactly 60kgs which was our allowance. I also had my small pack, and my carry on was a large LIDL shopping bag which is great for chucking lots of things in – including my large fleece jacket. We were there so early that I was wandering around trying to spend my last krona, and then we headed off to our boarding gate. That’s when we realised that we hadn’t gone through passport control yet which took a while, and then our gate was right at the end of 39 other gates. We ran a bit as it was a very long way and got there just as the flight was closing. Was great when we got on though because there were so many empty seats. Jody ended up in the extra legroom seat at the front. I sat beside her for a while until I realised that my socks were soaked from the water that was leaking through from the galley. Apparently, that always happens – hmmm, not to my knowledge!

    We arrived in Dubai at 11pm and walked and walked to find the shuttle bus to our hotel (that Emirates were putting us up in for the night as there was just longer than 10 hours between our flights). The shuttle didn’t arrive for the 30 mins we stood there in over 30 degree heat. When one did go past, it didn’t stop for us and that’s when someone said oh you needed to tell them that you needed picking up. Not very happy about that as we were told they came every 15 mins. I still had some dirhams from our last visit, so feeling a tad grumpy at this stage I dragged Jody off and we took a taxi. We were in our hotel room for about 5 hours before getting a wake-up call, a quick breakfast and being at our boarding gate about 2 hours before our flight – not sure why, but Jody didn’t want to be late this morning!
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