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  • May30

    Bali - day 49

    May 30, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Slack morning today and we got to breakfast just before 10 and then had a swim and a shower. Then caught a taxi to the galleria and went shopping. Before shopping, we roughly packed our bags to work out what weight we had to deal with and checked out the additional baggage allowance for Emirates. Yikes it is $115 for an extra 5kgs, so I don’t think I will be doing that. I love a pair of trousers I had bought at UNIQLO and have been searching for another pair – Bali you were the winner and I now have a navy pair. Jody has more weight left in her bag, so might have bought a couple of things. She also started thinking about different bag options as her current large bag has a big rip and needs replacing and we saw some amazing Thule bags that were not cheap at all but very tempting. I was interested in the double zip concept for all of these new bags – so you can’t insert a pen into the zip and open them easily like you can with older bags but my trusty pack is going to last a bit longer. Jody also decided (for now) that she didn’t need a new bag from here, but you never know as we are still here for 2 more days.

    By the time we caught a taxi back, got changed and got to the beach it was around 3.30, and the lunch place was closed. Never mind, our helpful people went searching and soon came back with a plate of Nasi Goering again which is very tasty. We also had a plate of fruit and some drinks delivered before having a swim in the sea. I really enjoyed the big waves, swimming between the flags with lifeguards on duty, and knowing Jody was on shore waiting for me to return. Between the big waves the sea was quite calm, so I would have been easy to see if I was in difficulty. We left the beach just before sunset and had another rest before dinner. Going back to work is going to be very very hard without all these wee rests! Our time is currently 4 hours behind NZ time, so getting up at 9am is like 1pm NZ time. We could be making the time change easier for ourselves by getting up early, but that doesn’t seem that easy to do! Oh well, at least Monday is a holiday.
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