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  • Day17

    drive by bike to local mountain people

    March 29, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    we decided to go by two bikes this time - the scenery is very similar to the alps, so I did not want to miss the fun riding the curves myself.

    lucky as we are during the full trip, the rain stopped the clouds faded and we had sun the full ride long.

    We drove upside the main road into the mountain where the local ethnic minority lives. I did not expect them to be such friendly - everybody is waiving at you and cheers a hello, even the small kids. the poverty is more visible then in Can Touh - the first time in South I have seen the pure.

    as higher you get into the mountain area the more pure the people live. I am impressed on how basic people can make their lives work and still look very happy. thanks to my guide I could hold several conversations and learned tons about how they live what they do and how they think about live.

    loads of inspirational input were I have to think about how to put this to myself

    tour ended at lunch back in Sapa.

    tonight is my last hotelstay in Vietnam- as tomorrow we take the night train to Hanoi again. leaving to Bangkok the day after.

    but till then- tomorrow we hike and add some biketour - leaving Sapa 5 pm
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