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  • Day253

    Fairy fortress

    July 7, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Another 40 km diversion took me to Duzluk a pleasant provincial Serbian town in the mountains of NW Croatia. I came to see this old ruin, Ruzica Grad, (Rose Town,) one of the largest mediaevil castles in Croatia with walls 9m thick and reputed to be haunted by ghosts.
    Once large enough to house barracks, church and governor's mansion the Turks destroyed it and rebuilt only enough to serve themselves: so there really is nothing much left to see but magnificent views to the Hungarian mountains across the Pannonian plain. The plain was formed about 14 million years ago when the oceans flooded this area and subsequently became separated again. The volume of water in the sea and flowing into it was sufficient to keep it in existence long enough to become a fresh water lake before evaporating completely. The fossil record tells a rich and fascinating history of this evolution.
    The region around Orahovica is known for its wines and after leaving the roses, (not that I found any evidence for them so why they named the place thus I can't fathom,) I came across the Cistercian Wine Cellar at Kutjevo. Closed alas, but a sign informed me that it had been established there since 1232 - or maybe that is opening time.
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