• Day6

    Day 5 - Cadieux Cafe

    August 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    There wasn’t a terrible ride today and we got to sleep a decent amount. The worst part of our day was really that we had some traffic and didn’t get to the venue as early as we had hoped. I did have a pretty good burger from a place called Mooyah Burgers. It had their Mooyah sauce, lettuce, pickles, and pickled jalapeños.

    The venue was super cool and had a really beautiful drum set. The snare drum was a hand hammered brass Gretsch and it sounded amazing. I’d be curious to try the 6.5 version to hear how it compares.

    This place is Belgian inspired. They have Belgian foods and drinks plus they have something called Feather bowling. It’s like bocce ball but you roll discs as close to a feather as possible. The food was pretty bad. My roast tasted like it cooked for a year then they made some flavorless gravy. Plus it was very apparent there wasn’t any spices added.

    The show was fun at least. Lots of Doug’s friends and family came out. His parents are very nice. RJ Spängler came out for a bit and was extremely complimenting of my shuffle.

    Andrew and I are now at the hotel. Doug is back at his parents place. Tomorrow Doug is sitting in with some band and we will join. Wednesday is off. We will definitely be getting pizza and middle eastern food!
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