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  • Day7

    Day 6 - The "Secret Spot"

    August 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    So today Andrew and I were all by ourselves. We went to IHOP and I got blueberry pancakes. They were pretty bad honestly; the blueberries tasted super weird. We then hit up a ton of stores including Guitar Center. As always I got more sticks to try, and as always there was literally like one employee for the whole store.

    After we went to the hotel and waited for Doug. He was an hour late getting here. Per usual. We then went to Sahara which is a middle eastern restaurant/Lebanese. Doug got tabouleh, Andrew got some salad, and I got falafel. It was all good. We even had some dip made with beef and
    lamb I believe plus hommous.

    The gig wasn’t really a gig. We didn’t play together, Doug was asked to sit in with some friends. Well, the place (a literal garage) somehow managed to get a dispensary license so you could smoke pot. They also made barbecue but I wasn’t hungry. Luckily there was an outside area so we all went out there even when Doug was playing. We played the last song with him. We then had to drive his old bassist Chris home and he told us a ton of insane stories. He had also drank a pint of vodka that night.

    Doug dropped us off and we walked to the gas station. Tomorrow there is no gig but Doug’s old friend and bassist Bob is taking Andrew and I out for Coney dogs and pizza!
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