• Day4

    Stavanger, Norway

    July 15, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Yesterday was the first sea day and the first formal night. We had a lazy day of sleeping in and then playing pachessei in the cabin. I found and picked up the board game to bring with me knowing it was a game all three of us knew how to play. Ruby got to see Jackson’s competitive side for the first time and it had her laughing so much. They are getting along great! Ruby says she approves of him, saying he’s cool and funny.
    The formal night was fun. We put our dresses on and headed to see Tom Binns do his psychic comedian act. He’s the star and Co-writer of BBC 1 Friday Night Comedy Show, Hospital People and he was pretty good. After that we headed to see the Headliners Theatre Company preform Electric Avenue. The Headliners are the singers and dancers that preform on the ship and this show was “retro memories from the decade of excess that was the 1980’s”. By the time that was done we were ready to put some comfy clothes on so we just headed back to the cabin for the night.
    Today we were docked in Stavanger. Ruby and I were tired but still got up in the morning to grab some breakfast on the ship and then head out into port. Jackson is IPM (In Port Manning) today which means he couldn’t get off with us. Stavanger was mostly just a morning of shops so Ruby could look for souvenirs for people. We then headed to Burger King to pick up burgers to bring back to the ship to eat with Jackson for lunch. So he would have something to eat other then food from the crew mess. So we are currently just relaxing in our cabin waiting for Jackson to finish work. We know we are going to see the sail away party and some more shows tonight but besides that we have no idea what we might get up to for the rest of the day.
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