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  • Day66

    San Pedro de Atacama - Chile

    October 31, 2016 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Our first stop in Chile was the lovely town San Pedro de Atacama. This town is supposed to be a holiday place for Chilenes. Exactly at the weekend when we stayed there was unfortunately a public holiday in Chile, so every hostel was fully booked and the prices were insane. We neither couldn't find a cheap hotel nor couldn't book a flight or bus to escape.

    But one good thing was, that we could finally buy good wine! 🍷In San Pedro de Atacama there were plenty of good restaurants, the food was great and we discovered another good beer brand called "Kunstmann".

    But of course - we didn't only drink & eat, we also did some great tours: There was the Rainbow Valley, the Moon Valley and we were also taught about the universe and its stars.

    After a few days we could finally book a flight to Santiago de Chile. (Ok we have to correct this statement: actually WE weren't able to book it by our own because the internet was to slow in the whole town... Fortunately our friend Reto which we went to visit in Santiago de Chile helped us along. Thank you!)
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