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  • Day69

    Santiago de Chile

    November 3, 2016 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    In Santiago de Chile we had the pleasure to meet Reto, a friend of Chrigi from work. He already lives one year abroad as a german teacher and he invited us to stay in his flat. He and his lovely german girlfriend Anni created a to-do-booklet for us, which was a great idea! Like this we got to see lot of places and tasted lots of typical food & drinks.

    Mission (nearly) accomplished:
    - eat Completo Italiano (hot dog with tomato, mayonnaise & avocado)
    - eat Empanada Pino (empanada with meat, onion, egg and olive)
    - eat Sopaipilla on a street (fried pumpkin bread)
    - eat Ceviche (already done in Peru; raw fish)
    - eat Chorillana (already done in San Pedro; dish with fries, sausages, meat & onions)
    - eat Pebre (bread with red pepper paste)
    - eat Alfajores (chilean cookies)
    - eat Super 8 (chilean "Kägifrett")
    - drink Terremoto (cocktail with wine and pineapple ice cream)
    - drink Pisco (already done several times ;)
    - drink Piscola (Pisco with Coca Cola)
    - drink chilean Wine
    - drink Mote con Huesillo (sweet drink made from wheat & peaches)
    - ride the Metro at rush hour
    - join a Free City Walking Tour
    - visit the park Forestal
    - eat an ice cream at Barrio Lastarria
    - visit Sanhatten (lookalike Manhatten of Santiago)
    - drink local beer (our favorite is Kunstmann miel)
    - visit Plaza des Armas (main square)
    - visit Cerro San Cristobal (hill with a nice view all over the city)
    - enjoy the view over the whole city on Sky Costanera (is with its more than 300m the highest bilding in South Amerika)
    - having a drink on the roof-top-bar of the W-Hotel by night
    - visit the Mall Costanera
    - visit the vegetable market La Vega
    - visit the market Mercado Central
    - visit the market Bio Bio (huge market where you can find everything very cheap)
    - have a drink in La Piojera (local bar)
    - buy caramelised peanuts on the street
    - buy two local fruits called Lucuma and Chirimoya

    Unfortunately we couldn't finish the to-do-list but we saw quite a lot in this short time!

    A big thank you to Anni and Reto for the good time we had in Santiago de Chile!
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