• Day81


    March 5, 2015 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We had quite the surprise on our trip to Singapore. Ali's birthday was the day we arrived and we had already made plans to visit a friend, Mark who agreed to take us around Singapore and out to eat on Ali's birthday night. He arrived and we were excited to see him and also excited to turn the decision making over to him because we were exhausted from figuring out the last few big cities.
    He took us to a great restaurant named Jumbo's for their special Chili and Black Pepper Crabs. The surprise of the evening turned out to be when his parents Zip and Phyllis showed up from Woodstock to surprise Ali. We had a great and emotional dinner and a great next day with Mark showing us all the sights of Singapore. Zip and Phyllis had been keeping their trip a secret even to point of emailing Ali and telling her how bad the weather was in Woodstock all the while they were vacationing in Singapore, Bali and Bangkok. It made the trip very special for everyone.
    Singapore is a great city. It was probably the cleanest, most efficient city we have ever seen. No traffic, even during rush hour, easy public transit. Cheap taxies. What more could you want. :-) It did feel a little sterile though. Kind of like a really big Disney World with 7 million employees? We could definitely live here although traveling outside the actually city would be needed to realize not everyone has it this nice.
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