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  • Day13

    Playa Cocles

    January 9, 2018 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Sun Is Up

    I don’t know what caused the change but this morning the weather promised the day to be a good and sunny one again. Since the weather changed I feel so enterprising and curious to see as many places as possible. Today we planned to visit the Bri Bri Waterfalls. By bus we were chauffeured directly in front of the entry. The guard told us to take some sticks because the way could be slippery and explained in which waterfall we could bathe and in which not because the water jet was to strong and dangerous. Actually, it is not the biggest waterfall and only like 10 minutes walk in total. It turned out that the bus driver let us off at the wrong waterfalls - the so-called Home Creek Waterfalls. Nevertheless, it was a really nice setting and worth to visit.

    After we had still so much time we decided to go back and spend some time at the Playa Cocles. I was very curious to see this beach actually, because everybody was talking about it. Especially, for surfing one can enjoy the perfect waves in Cocles. The way to get there, however, turned out to be more difficult than expected. The bus which passes like every half an hour just passed when we waved so we tried to tramp by private cars. However, here in Costa Rica it seems not to be so easy to tramp than for example in Ecuador where everyone carries everyone. (Later on somebody some guys told us that they often don’t like to carry people. Even if we were just three innocent-looking girls, most people might be afraid of others hiding in the back and robbing the car when they would stop to let us jump on.) In the end, nonetheless, three guys were willing to let us jump on their pick up. We spent a really beautiful afternoon at the beach!
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