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  • Day15

    A Day in Berlin

    December 30, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    We arrived into Berlin fairly late by train from Prague. We shared a first class compartment which just managed to accommodate all the luggage.
    Upon arrival we took a taxi to the hotel (about 10 minutes) and then went out to look for a dinner option.
    There were so many options for museums in Berlin that we decided on one only a short walk away - The Berlin Bunker. It was used during the war and the museum included a very extensive story about how Hitler committed such terrible wartime atrocities. We spent about three hours here and then moved not too far away to the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie. We had lunch in a close by Irish pub (touristy of course)!
    I had bought tickets for a hop on hop off bus so we headed to Alexanderplatz to try and find the right bus - no so easy due to the size of the place but we managed to find it eventually! From the bus we saw many of the huge buildings and the Brandenburg Gate. We got off the bus at the victory column and decided to walk back to the hotel from there via the Tiergarten (about 45 minutes). Dinner was across the road at a Japanese restaurant and then quickly into an Uber across town to the A-Trane jazz club. We saw a group called Unity 5 who were very good - the place was packed!
    This afternoon we arrived in Copenhagen via an easyJet flight (only 50 minutes). We got the hotel and crashed for a few hours before our New Year’s Eve dinner.
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