• Day38

    More of them bones

    January 21, 2017 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌙 -9 °C

    Up again this morning, went down for breakfast. This morning they had frankfurt soup with sausage, I presume it was leftovers from the day before. We enjoyed a bit of vegemite and toast.
    Today we went on a tour to Kutná Hora which was an hour drive from Prague. We were a little disappointed with the previous two tours so we decided to try a new company. We were lucky as there were only 9 of us on the tour. The main reason to go out to Kutná Hora was to see the bone church that we had heard so much about. It is a church and inside it is decorated with bones. It was a very strange feeling being in there knowing that there were 60,000 skeletons used in the church. The ironic thing is people travelled from all over Europe to die and be buried in this cemetery as it was thought to be holy grounds and they have ended up as a tourist attraction. After the church we visited other things around the town. Talking to the guide they don't usually get snow and it is the coldest winter they have had in 5 years. Today it wasn't as cold. She said yesterday was -14 so no wonder we felt it. We had lunch at local pub, the kids had a chicken schnitzel that was as big as the dinner plate. I had beef cheeks and Dave had potato and mushroom soup & creamy beef. Tatiana tells us that they don't eat many vegetables and they eat what we had for lunch for lunch and tea. A bit more of a walk around town before heading back to Prague. It was a lovely day with a lovely group of people, a good way to finish. We saw the sun setting on the way home.
    When we got back we walked along the river as it was such a nice evening. We had planned to go out for tea as it was our last night but as we had such a late lunch none of us felt like eating. Tonight we have the daunting task of packing everything into our bags.

    Photos 1, 2, 3 - Sedlec Ossuary (bone church)
    Photo 4 - My lunch, it doesn't look that good, but it was yummy.
    Photo 5 & 6 - Charles Bridge at night
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    Annette Luckraft

    Soup for breakfast! No thank you. Deirdre has the right idea. Nice piece of toast and home grown tomato to look forward to on your arrival home. Something that is not too far away now. Don't rely on your feathers to get you home. Take the airline and their food will be good. Your blog has been interesting Debbie. It has sounded as if you have had a great family time together. You are going to miss Kellie this year Brodie, no nagging big sister to deal with! Things are a changing in the Adamson household but I'm sure you will all adjust to it and still remain very close. Sandra said goodbye to her grandies yesterday morning. Her back is slowly coming good, but you know what it is like, she just wants to get her house back to "normal" then fall in a heap.We look forward to hearing more of your trip when we see you next. Enjoy the warmth when you step off that plane again.