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  • Day7

    Boston to New York, train day!

    August 23, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C


    As it was a travel day today and we left Boston to head to New York I just wanted to mention how laid back and pretty Boston city is, so much history. We were also very close to the airport, some people would especially love it, Mum and Dad 😉

    Had a bit of a lie in today, got up and packed. Met in the hotel lobby and went to Starbucks in the hotel for breakfast, think the guy doing the drinks was so excited that someone had actually ordered an English breakfast tea that in his excitement he lifted the coffee cup up and spilt some of it on my hand, I was absolutely fine but he ran over to check on me, was probably worried I was going to sue him!?!

    I was appropriately dressed today for the train, full length jeans and hoodie, just in case with air conditioning. We spent an hour or so sat on a bench in the Boston public park which is close by the hotel just people watching and soaking up the atmosphere before checking out of the hotel and getting a taxi to the Amtrak train station at Back Bay, although none of the taxi's really wanted to take us as they all wanted the big $50 fares to the airport so we did get told no by 1 guy, rude. Anyway while we were sat waiting for the train we had a slight panic as a guy asked a girl waiting for the train if this track was the 1 where the New York train came in and she said no and gave him different directions, then the train to New York (final destination Washington, Acela Express 2165) turned up and he missed it!?! 😮 She felt awful as she thought only commuter trains went through that side. Luckily we hadn't listened to her. However it was odd, there were no announcements to say which train was coming or anything so it was confusing.

    We were sat in business class, ohh get us!!! The train had wi-fi but I was right, it was cold ❄️ At times the train was also very bumpy and I was particularly concerned when I went to the toilet and thought the door might fling open at any moment as the latch certainly didn't appear secure. I did however see the back of a few Office Depots and Walmarts on the way out of Boston, beautiful views 😜 but as you went further out it was good to see outside of the big cities (although I love them) and see some of the countryside, New England really is beautiful. The houses are so pretty and quaint, all different looks and shapes but very 'white picket fence'. Picturesque lakes and rivers, things we wouldn't of got to see if we hadn't taken the train.

    I was really excited as the train stopped in Rhode Island and Connecticut which although I've done over 40 states of the USA are x2 states I've never been to before! 😀 So I could add them to my list, Rhode Island especially as it's the smallest state in the USA.

    I'll be honest I've never knowingly been on a train with 3 lanes being used before, where there is 1 going the same way as you and is next to you and 1 on other side going the opposite direction to you so when you look out of the windows on both sides you can just see trains 😂 The train wasn't exactly Some Like It Hot and the snack cart wasn't exactly White Christmas but I really enjoyed the experience, although it did briefly break down for maybe 15 minutes, of course it's me, something to do with an overhead cable so they had to check it. However we still pulled into Penn Station, New York City within 4 hours.

    Part 2 to follow...

    Love & big hugs
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