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  • Day1

    In Transit

    January 14 in Panama ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nothing like a 14 hour travel day to suck out the excitement of a new adventure. Doesn't help that i was out the night before until midnight for a friend's birthday and still hadn't packed yet when i got home :)

    But my day was pretty fun. On my flight to washington, the lady next to me is the mother-in-law of former Senators goalie Mike Bales (?) and she had some interesting stories.

    Then met Tyler from Atlanta at a Dulles airport pub who i shared a few drinks with.

    Longest leg was to Panama. Upon arrival, I found my gate and then grabbed a beer at a nearby magazine stand and started to catch up on my messages, when i hear my name announced over the intercom to urgently come to the gate. It was still 45 minutes to departure. So i ran to the gate and the attendant said i was the last to board. I was really puzzled but when i got on board, it made a bit more sense... as there are only 10 other people on this huge plane. Weird! I can't help but think about the opening scenes of "Knight and Day"... hopefully this is will involve less hand-to-hand combat :) Next stop, Quito!
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