• Day11

    Placencia - Day 3

    March 21, 2020 in Belize ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I woke up and decided to try to change my air canada flight on expedia again. Success!, plus $850 to do it for all 3 of us. Now we are booked on two different flights home to cover our bases. Surely we will get on one of them hours before the border here slams shut hard for a long time.

    Felt better about things but i admit it was a nagging issue mentally. We really should have found an excursion but we just had another lazy day at the beach again. I walked the long boardwalk to its southern point and back. 80 percent of everything is shut down due to lack of tourists. Seriously, we are the last of the mohicans everywhere and its a bit unsettling now.

    All the Americans i met (and kept my distance from) had already flown home. Flights coming here wouldn't be dropping anyone off and only picking people up. Corporations and their bottom line concerned me that we might see cancelled flights. But out of my hands now and hoping for the best. Fantastic to be here in the sun and enjoying restaurants and bars but its an uneasy fantastic heh.

    And omg we have played maybe our 500th game of blokus. We are ready for world class competition. Our level of cut throat play has become saudi arabia impressive. Beware!
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    Suzanne Gadbois

    Boy you were not kidding about there being no one around.

    Suzanne Gadbois

    Pressed the wrong key again. I know today is your flying day back home. I sure hope you guys are already on the plane or will be getting on soon. Even though things got a little weird , with all the chaos happening, I'm sure you guys won't forget the wonderful trip you just experienced. You have the beautiful pictures to prove it. Take Care....

    Cin Olah

    Glad to hear you guys are headed back to Canada. Safe travels