• Day18

    Montanita - Day 1

    July 16 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    After a quick breakfast found a taxi that would drive me 90 minutes to Montanita for $30. I can't even get to the ottawa airport for that price.

    Unfortunately I did not bring the Brazil weather with me. Very cloudy and coolish at the beach. But still, montanita is one of my favorite places to be. Small surf town with most structures built with bamboo and an incredibly laid back vibe. Lots of backpackers and Ecuadorians getting away from things. Endless restaurants/establishments. And at night, super lively.

    Spent the afternoon walking around the town, chatted with a few locals, and hanging out on the beach. Early afternoon it was low tide and no surfers. But late afternoon the tide returned and there were a ton of very talented surfers. I found my favorite beach bar with craft beer and watched the surfers battle the waves for a few hours. Incredibly enjoyable and relaxing.

    Back to town for ecuadorian ceviche, which is amazing everywhere in this country and unique in how they prepare it. Yum!! And then a quick nap before heading out to the crazy montanita Saturday nightlife.

    I found a live band bar that i was at 2.5 years ago and i found the same cat sleeping on the same bar. Hilarious! That cat is the most chill cat ever. This is an extremely loud music bar, like eardrum pounding, and the cat sleeps through all of it, surrounded by people getting their drinks.

    Bounced around between beach parties, and clubs and finished at a quiet place where I was told i could get craft beer. Challenging in montanita! But i think I have all the spots mapped now. Chatted with the owner, a young guy whose mother is from Quebec and an American father but has lived his whole life in Ecuador. Got back to my room late but all i could hear was pounding club music. I have a knack for choosing poor hotel locations it seems.
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    Amazing travel adventure. Thanks for sharing Sean.


    Love those waves....