• Day40

    Dubai Days 8-10

    September 3 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ☀️ 39 °C

    Last last few days in Dubai were a bit of a waiting game for our Tanzania visas to be approved. We were also trying to go easy on the spending as we were feeling the pinch from Greece, the Maldives & Dubai (not backpacking hotspots for a reason!!)

    We spent our time catching up on Netflix, going to the hotel gym and relaxing by the pool. It only took us a week to realise we actually had a pretty decent view of the Burj from our pool.

    Lucky for us the food options close to us were amazing. We made the most of cheap lunches / dinners (usually between £10-£20)!

    Raju Omlet - already mentioned but we visited 4 times in total, it was that good! We loved the spicey potato and egg rolls and sag aloo style dish.

    Mama'esh - Palestinian bread based restaurant with middle eastern style pizzas, humus, stuffed vine leaves and pomegranate salad

    Kamat - veggie Indian restaurant which also had delicious Vada Pavs!

    The highlight of the last few days was discovering that the world's tallest hotel was a five minute walk away which had a stunning top floor bar called Vault! The views of the city were so incredible that we went two nights in a row!
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