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Our travelling plans collide with the global pandemic Covid 19 and take some unexpected turns. Quite literally making it up as we go and travelling to any countries that will take us!
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  • Day54

    Tanzania Day 14 - Tarangire

    September 17 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Our last day of Safari was spent at Tarangire national park. We had the jeep to ourselves as Lee was doing Lake Marangu instead and Hamza and Sara were off to Zanzibar!

    We told Rocky we were happy to have a relaxed day as we had already seen more wildlife than we had ever imagined!

    In Tarangire we saw some Zebras and Giraffes but the main attraction was Elephants (perfect for me ☺️). There was lots of vegetation and water meaning that it's the perfect habitat for the Elephants.

    The highlights were a family with two tiny calves, we even saw one of them feeding. All the other elephants were very protective, always standing around the calves, making sure they were safe.

    The second highlight was a huge male of around 40 years old with tusks all the way down to the ground (well actually, only one tusk, we were told that he lost the other one fighting).

    A perfect way to finish the safari!
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  • Day53

    Tanzania Day 13 - Ngorongoro Crater

    September 16 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    After a 5 minute mad dash we arrived at our suprise. Immediately we saw a lioness watching a group of wildebeest on the other side of the stream. A second lioness was stalking, right by the stream.

    The intention of the stalking lioness was to coax the wildebeest over the river and the first lioness was waiting to strike. We waited for about 20 minutes, watching in awe.

    Finally the wildebeest began crossing the river and the lioness, perfectly camouflaged waited patiently until the perfect moment to strike. It was fascinating to watch a hunt in real life but the action post strike was quite difficult to watch (there's a reason they don't show this bit on nature programs!).

    We had lunch at our campsite which overlooks the crater and then headed off towards Tarangire for our next day of Safari.
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  • Day53

    Tanzania Day 13 - Ngorongoro Crater

    September 16 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Another 5.30am start for us today! We camped at a beautiful campsite overlooking the Ngorongoro crater. We weren't alone again and could clearly see buffalo and Zebras grazing between our tents once it was dark!

    Rocky (our guide) explained to us that the crater is actually a caldera (a collapsed volcano). We watched the sunset over the cliffs as we descended down the caldera.

    As always, the wildlife didn't disappoint! We saw jackells, wilderbeast, buffalo and sea of beautiful Zebras all looking like a they had been carefully and intricately painted! We saw at least 30 baboons all running from one tree to another, following the next ever so carefully!

    We had been driving for maybe 3 hours and it was time for a convenient toilet break at the parks public toilets. Just before we arrived, Rocky received a call on his radio and told us he had a surprise for us. Surprise > toilet break so we told Rocky were were okay and he put his foot down to get us somewhere special.....
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  • Day52

    Tanzania Day 12 - Serengeti

    September 15 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We finished our morning trip by seeing some elephants from a distance and watching, and unfortunately smelling, around 40 Hippos relax/sleep in their swamp from only metres away!,

    After a quick brunch and shower at camp we set off on the 3 hour drive to Ngorogoro Crater (our destination for the evening and tomrorow day.

    On the drive we were spoilt with seeing our same agreesive Rhino again, although this time he was in longer grass and not as viasable. Followed by a fully grown Lion who was of course relaxing but sitting up enough to show us his face, after a few minutes he threw his head back and lay down comoletly for another not very well earned rest!

    Slightly further on we could see a Lionness in the distance panting, we approached slowly and actually saw two Lionness' who were literally half way through eating a warthog. They were panting due to the combination of a large amount of meat and no water (Lionness Meatsweats) but to see them feeding from metres away was so much more than we could have dreamed before we came!

    Finally and most amazingly we drove along behind and then beside a herd of elephants with small babies as they ammbled along. After initially scoping us out they became comfortable and one even brushed themselves along the side of our Jeep as they passed. It, honestly felt like we were a part of the herd, breathtaking again!
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  • Day52

    Tanzania Day 12 - Safari Serengeti

    September 15 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We survived our night camping in Serengeti!!

    We both slept surprisingly well and except for a few rustles outside our tent, had no problems on the animal front! Although we were told in the morning what we thought was buffalo making noise near our site was actually 2 Lions - they were obviously nice ones.

    We set off at 6am and caught the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen across the Serengeti Plane - it was a cold start to the day but that was soon forgotten once we started searching for, and easily found, every animal we could have wished to see....

    We started with a Lioness and adolescent Lion who were grazing together looking for a spot with some privacy... They strolled past us from a few feet away and it was brilliant!

    From there we searched a little more and came across one of only 4 black rhino's in serengeti - he strolled around us from a distance and we even needed to retreat slightly at one point as our guide recognised him and knew he had a temper!

    Afterwards following a tip from other guides we sped off in a particular route without knowing what to expect and when we arrived and saw one other safari Jeep and a Cheetah! From about 30ft away she approached our (open roofed) van and jumped up onto the boot! After scoping us out for a second she lay watching her surroundings seemingly oblivious to us being within touching distance! It was breathtaking to see such a beautiful wild animal that closely and also to know that we were only one wrong move away from being eaten!
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  • Day51

    Tanzania Day 11 - Serengeti

    September 14 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    5.45am start for the first day of safari! We travelled by taxi for about 2.5 hours from Arusha to Ngorongoro to meet our safari guide, the rest of our group and to have some breakfast.

    There are 5 in our Safari group (including us): Lee from Liverpool who is a travel encyclopedia - has visited 90 countries and has a bucket list of 50 travelling related things and is on number 48! The other 2 are a couple from Casablanca around our age who are a good laugh!

    We drove through the Ngorongoro crater to get to Serengeti. As soon as we entered Ngorongoro we saw some baboons - what a great start! Next we saw some giraffes, only a few feet from the jeep.

    At the Serengeti gate we took a group picture. Our guide gave his phone to 4 Masai girls to take the picture (it took a bit of explaining and a few tries hah)!

    We had a great run in Serengeti and saw so much wildlife: gazelles, ostriches, hippos, hyenas, vultures but the highlight was finding 3 sleeping lions, completely un-phased by our jeep which was only feet away!

    After an amazing day we reached our campsite for dinner. The staff put the tents up quicker than I e ever seen and we had a lovely dinner together with our guide Rocky. As he was telling us stories about tribal traditions a furry caterpillar wriggled across the table and he told us we'd be crying for days if we touch it (just what we wanted to hear before bed). He also briefed us on the noises we'd hear and which animals they were. Eeeekkk...
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  • Day50

    Tanzania Day 10 - Arusha

    September 13 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today we headed into the town and instead of walking jumped on the Dala Dala - which is Africa's version of the Reggae bus' in the Barbodos. If you don't know they are bacially old VW campers that a filled with about 20 people and have a guy hanging out the window shouting at more people to jump on!

    Once we got home we packed up our room and a little bag for safari and made sure we were ready to go. As a thank you for the chapatti making the previous night we got a takeaway for the guys from the hostel and shared some wine with Tony which was nice.

    Went out to our local that evening for the football and live band which were great and got home early ready for a our safari tomorrow!
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  • Day49

    Tanzania Day 9 - Arusha

    September 12 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We needed to head to the pharmacy and decided to walk through the local villages rather than the main road - it took just over an hour and we got lost a few times but it was great to see how the locals lived and to give some kids a giggle with our funny accents! On the walk back we got really lost and had to cross a river - I went first and fell in (only one foot so not too bad) and as gem was tentatively approaching her attempt a young schoolboy struts past her and skips across the rocks like it was nothing!! Gem had a template to follow then so made it across fine, I squelched my way through the rest of the walk home!

    For dinner we were taught to make Chapatti from scratch by Miriam who works at our hostel - she was a great and we were briefly joined by, a crazy Jamaican/American lady who was also staying there, she can be best described as one of those over excitable shopping channel TV presenters and was funny but I guess only in very small doses!

    The process seemed to take forever but we eventually had them finished and got an early night straight after our meal.
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  • Day48

    Tanzania Day 8 - Arusha

    September 11 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    After a long day of exploring the previous day we decided to rest and chill out at Savannah house for most of the day.

    That was until Tony suggested going for a run. Craig was up for it and it took a little persuasion but I eventually agreed and I'm glad I did.

    We ran at a slower pace than usual but we were running on pretty rough, hilly terrain the whole way but it was still actually pretty enjoyable! We ran 8km in just under an hour.
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  • Day47

    Tanzania Day 7 - Coffee Making and Caves

    September 10 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    After the waterfalls we stopped off at a coffee making place which also had old caves used by the Chagga tribes to hide from the Massai hundreds of years ago!

    The story of the discovery of coffee was an interesting one, dating back to an old tribe leader who requested the trees and beans be burnt/destroyed as they were seen as a nuisance, only for the smell of the burning beans to swarm the whole camp and prompt ideas for what could be made from the previously redundant tree!

    The process involved stripped the outer layer of the beans by smashing them with a giant pestle & mortar before browning them off in a pan - once booked theyre smashed again until completely powder'd - the whole process is accompanied by a song and dance as well obviously!

    We drank our fresh coffee with a nice buffet lunch and afterwards headed down the Chagga Caves! They were a tight squeeze for us and we were told that these were spacious caves for cheifs and important people, the general ones were accessible by crawling through tiny holes! The caves snaked with regular 90degree turns to block out sound and light and also to provide ambush points to attack any Massai that discovered the caves. They had chimney systems, ventalation holes and even access to river that was used to wash away the bodies of Massai killed in the caves.
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