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  • Day82

    Ponte de Lima

    July 2, 2021 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    I know, we’re awful for the regular updates these days,….it’s summer, and there’s a bigger story of adventure to come another time involving northern Portugal and ourselves and some comrades! For later…back to now….

    1st of July weekend. Summer is here. But then also was some grey rainy weather. Classic Atlantic. This was our first time visiting the oldest village of Portugal - Ponte de Lima.

    We stayed on the land of some people we met through workaway and who were working on some interesting garden and construction projects on their land here in the North and we wanted to know more. They renovated an old workman’s house in the old water mill…so cool!!!

    They’re chill, both having worked previously for ICRC and told us to park Frank up no bother…and So we spent a four day weekend in the comforts of their sprawling garden…which included a small river (reminding us both a bit of the houses with rivers we grew up in)! And goats, chickens, veggie gardens…and a shipping container office for the lady of the house to do her home officing from :) The roosters cockadoodledooo each morning non stop was the only downside, that same rooster also tried to attack me a few times… But luckily their lovely Labrador came to my defense ;)

    We ate with them a few times in their self build outdoor kitchen and with their current work away volunteer Johnny (a chef), and we went kayaking and attempted stand up paddling on their little river! Wonderful.

    Of a Friday we wandered into Ponte de Lima for the Switzerland Euro 2020 games (victory was unfortunately not to be theirs…) ! But the vibe overall was great. The village itself is like a little medieval town, old bridges and buildings, all well kept and a very quaint old town. We of course found a bar or two while on our exploration mission …. Tobias took the role of in house DJ at the Che Guevara pub much to everyones delight.

    The rest of the time spent in conversation or wandering around the river greeting the goats and having a kayak paddle!

    To be further explored and now a favourited point on our map!
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    Hey guys, hope you have a great time with lots of new experiences. Miss you here! Hope to see you soon. 🤗


    Thanks Sam!!! We miss you too! Off to Ireland ☘️ very soon 🚌 hope you’re having a good summer and to see you soon 🤗☺️