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  • Day53

    Older Singapore

    January 27, 2020 in Singapore ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 when Sir Thomas Raffles (yes, that Raffles) arrived on behalf of the East India Company and decided this was a good place for a harbor and trading center. Most of the 19th century buildings are located across the Singapore River from the commercial center. Today, most have been converted to museums.
    The first picture is one of those museums. Look closely in front, and you will see a statue of Sir Thomas himself. 2nd is the old Parliament house. 3rd is the old Parliament chamber. The batik on the seats is part of the arts bienale running now. 4th is St. Andrews Cathedral, the oldest Anglican Church in Singapore.
    The last 2 pictures are taken on the roof of the national museum. One is the view out over the marina. The street at the bottom is part of the course for the grand Prix race run here each year. The other is both a shallow water reflecting basin and a skylight. I think is a creative way to provide some interior light and filter out some of the heat.
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