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  • Day4

    Diyarbakir Grand Mosque

    October 29, 2020 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    An unusual 2 mosque complex in one facility, one Sunni, one Shafi and a madrassa for each. The interior pics are all of the Shafi mosque as prayer time began. So we didn't visit the Sunni mosque. I'm told that the building is designed after the Grand Mosque of Damascus.
    Like much of Turkey, cultures come together. In this case, it is mostly Kurdish and Syrian as this is not too far from the Syrian border. The double mosque reflects that the Kurds are generally Sunni, while the syrians are generally Shafi.
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    Hi Skip. Anne here from the Borneo Sarawak trip, January 2020. I can't believe you are travelling. I live in Victoria, Australia and we have been in hard lockdown since March with restrictions just eased this week but interstate and international travel banned for us. I am craving some travel and very jealous of you. Stay healthy, bye Anne

    skip's retirement travel

    good to hear from you. I had gotten to and past that point and simply decided I needed to find someplace to go. turkey is open. so here I am

    skip's retirement travel

    best to you both