• Day15

    Monastery of St. Bishoy

    April 23 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    The Monastery of Saint Bishoy (sometimes spelled Pishoy) is an ancient Coptic monastery founded in the 4th century in Wadi el Natrun. As an aside, Wadi el Natrun was important in pharaonic times as the source for one of the important ingredients required for the mummification process.
    Only the original 4th century church was open for visitors as they were preparing for holy week. Much to my surprise, they are observing the Passion 4 weeks after we, in the western church, do.
    The 1st picture looks at the entry gate to the monastery. The rest are inside the ancient church. The 2nd picture looks at part of the iconostasis. The names of the saints are written in Coptic. I was able to read the names as the Coptic was close enough to Koine Greek to work them out. The 3rd picture looks into the sanctuary behind the iconostasis. That is the original altar from the 4th century.
    The 4th & 5th pictures look at parts of the church. While the last is a picture of the shrine holding the remains of St. Bishoy. His body is said to be uncorrupted as Jesus promised Bishoy himself.
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