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  • Day25


    May 3 in Egypt ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    There is too much in this museum to fit in the limit of 6 pictures per post. So here are 6 more pictures.
    This time, the 1st picture looks across the main hall to give a sense of the overall exhibit. There is plenty of room to add more as archaeology progresses. 2nd is of Akhenaten, aka the heretic king, who is the 1st person (as far as I know) to institute monotheism. 3rd is a group of models of various types of boats used in pharaonic Egypt. 4th is a display of some of one princess's jewelry. 5th is an example of Coptic art: wood inlaid with ivory (I think). Note that each arm of the cross ends in a 3 pointed shape. This is typical of traditional Coptic Orthodox crosses. Last is an Islamic "mashrabiya," a type of window. It allows light and air in, but those outside cannot see in.Read more

    Dee Spencer

    Interesting pictures and info.