• Jan4

    Day 26 - Arse Over Tit in Sunset City

    January 4 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    We didn’t wake up until gone 9am, then it was down to breakfast. No new entertainment was on offer, but we had some new/trainee staff that still had some way to go. I ordered an omelette, but got scrambled egg, we didn’t receive our fruit platter & it took a while to order a 2nd coffee. I’m struggling to cope with such hardship!

    The sun was out & so we set up camp on 2 deckchairs for a full day of sun. At lunchtime Jackie popped back to our room & smuggled 2 cans of Chang on to the beach. Once drunk, it was my turn to get a couple more.

    After collecting my illicit contraband, I walked along the beach back to Jackie & didn’t notice the anchor rope of a longboat had risen up. I didn’t just trip up in my flip flops, but I somehow managed to a actually face plant into the sand. My embarrassing shriek of pain woke up the crew on the longboat as I picked myself up & walked on as if nothing happened, despite having a cut on the top of my foot.

    During the afternoon, the sun & fluffy clouds were threatening to provide us with a proper sunset. We weren’t the only ones to think so because the beach started to fill up. At 5.05pm, Jackie decided we needed to have a sundowner drink & she returned to the room to collect a bottle of Hong Thong & a can of coke. We are not cheapskates, just frugal!

    Whilst Jackie was away, I splattered a full mosquito against my leg resulting in a big smudge of blood & mossie carcass. Seconds later I was being attacked by another 2 mosquitos & I quickly, but with style, walked to the sea to clean my leg. Unfortunately as I was waving away the chasing mosquitos, I didn’t notice the rock in the sand that I smashed my left foot into, which again left me in a pitiful mess on all fours in the sand with a bleeding middle toe. The bastard mossies continued to eat my legs, despite me splatting another three.

    The sunset was still disappointing, no red skies, but I took a couple of arty photos for the sheer hell of it. We then returned to our room & did a bit of packing. Our dirty clothes had been successfully returned from laundry.

    We were just about to head out for dinner, when I went back into our room to put my iPad on charge & somehow managed to smash my left foot on the step, ripping the skin off the bottom of my arthritic big toe. What an absolutely clumsy tw^t, I’ve become!!

    After some serious swearing, hopping up & down & 1st aid from Jackie, we popped out for dinner. It was at La Luna, an Italian restaurant where I had gnocchi al pesto & Jackie had a spicy penne dish. We treated ourselves to a litre of red wine & garlic bread. It was very good.

    We managed to make it home & to bed without further accident or incident.

    Song of the Day: Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.
    Sunsetz by Cigarettes After Sex.
    Clumsy by Cotter.
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    Andy and Teresa Mays


    Andy and Teresa Mays

    Was sure your song of the day would have included Day Tripper. Anyhow the spotify playlist is coming along nicely. Have whatsapped you - might be of interest.

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Thank you

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