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  • Day6

    Christ Church

    May 14, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Question 2: “What about being in Philadelphia is a new experience for you”?

    American history, especially Colonial America, was one of my favorite subjects studied in high school. Philadelphia was a major part of that study. I had viewed various photos and drawings of Christ Church and had heard a lot about its rich history. So, I was excited to attend a church service there while in Philadelphia. As we reached the church that Sunday morning I was amazed at how the building seemed unchanged. The historic steeple commanded attention, just as it had in the photos and drawing. Having grown up in the Methodist church, I was accustomed to the “method” of the church. I was expecting a very traditional service rooted in ceremony.
    What I experienced at Christ Church was something I had never experienced before. The sanctuary was as I imagined with high ceilings and pillars. That is where my expectations stopped. The minister was female; some speculated homosexual. She spoke passionately about people. She argued that all lives matter and discussed how politics does and does not fit into that belief. I have never experienced such a contemporary and edgy church service. I loved the intensity, sincerity and relativity of what all she had to say. Sitting in such an historic pew I was blown away by the liberal approach to the service.
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