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  • Day178

    June 4-27

    June 27 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    We continue to physically distance ourselves, especially since Oregon has had a surge in coronavirus cases. Playing more pickleball at home and less at the public court. 😕
    We picked Hood strawberries with Sharon and Larry at Bushue's Family Farm...delicious.
    We've (mostly Randy) kept busy with motorhome repairs, maintenance and cleaning: "rebuilt" the toilet, replaced the air system's air dryer, drained and cleaned the hot water heater, replaced basement heater thermostat, rodent control, washed and waxed our home and shampooed the carpets.
    I've been baking a lot of cookies, muffins and beer bread (so much easier than the sourdough I managed to kill). I also spent a couple of afternoons sewing more face masks for us and family.
    Yesterday we took the kayak to the Columbia Slough. It was an adventure in suburban paddling as we passed through industrial areas, under freeways and past the floating homeless. Much of it was beautiful with ducks, herons and turtles but it was disheartening to see the amount of trash along parts of our route.
    We continue to have brief visits and "care package" drop offs with family.
    As always stay safe and healthy. 😷❤️
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  • Day154

    May 13-June 3

    June 3 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Like everyone else we spent the last half of May staying close to home. We managed to visit our dear departed at Rose City, Willamette National and Lincoln cemeteries. We missed having Kelsie join us in this annual tradition as well as dining out after the distribution of flowers.
    Kyle and Kelly came over for a visit. Kuma finally got to meet Gator, their chiweenie.
    As the state of Oregon entered phase 1 of reopening Randy and I are venturing out more. We biked the Marine Drive Path, played pickleball at Hillendale Park in Oregon City (and joined their club), biked the Springwater Trail and visited the Heroes Memorial Park in Gresham where my dad has a brick.
    We delivered won ton soup to Auntie Mary and had a brief visit through her storm door.
    Continue to deliver groceries and meals to Uncle Kay & Auntie Aki.
    Had a virtual Girls Night Out with my friends Jan and Terri.
    As always, stay safe and healthy.
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  • Day132

    April 24-May 12

    May 12 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 55 °F

    The past 2 1/2 weeks have been good. We joined our neighbors during their weekly cocktail hour. We purchased a new iPad Pro 12.9 with keyboard. It replaces our 12 year old Macbook and 10 year old iPad. Needless to say we're very happy with the new and sleek! We took advantage of the iPad with a Zoom Happy Hour visit with our friends Gary and Carrie.🍷
    We put up our pickleball net, chalked out a 3/4 size court, bought two new Selkirk paddles and have been getting in 1-2 hours of play per day. I'm looking forward to the day when I can get more variety in my choice of opponents. 😉
    May 4th we joined in a drive-by celebration of our Auntie Lil's 95th birthday. It was led by fire trucks and covered by two local television stations. It was priceless seeing the happiness and surprise on her face and was fun seeing friends and family at the staging area.
    Last Friday Randy set up Uncle Kay's new iPad and tried, as best he could, to teach him how to use it from a 6 foot distance.
    Saturday Randy smoked two tri tip roasts and a family pack of chicken thighs for me and his mom. Delicious! We had a nice Mother's Day visit with the kids and loaded them up with a "take out" meal.
    I've become a quarantine cliché since my sister shared some of her sourdough starter. I made a tasty focaccia which turned out pretty good for my first attempt.
    As always we hope our friends and family are staying safe and healthy.
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  • Day113

    April 16-23

    April 23 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 50 °F

    As with everyone else who is nonessential, we've been sheltering in place, taking neighborhood walks, exercising at home, reading, watching the tube, cooking, baking, cleaning, conversing via phone etc, etc.
    We've shopped for and delivered care packages to family, visiting outdoors while maintaining a six foot distance.
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  • Day105

    April 14-15

    April 15 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 52 °F

    We departed Winnemucca, NV yesterday finally making our way into our home state. A long lonely, beautiful drive. Definitely not a stretch of highway you'd want to break down on. A high point of our trip home was seeing a herd of Kiger Mustangs on our way to Burns, Oregon where we spent last night.
    Today we continued northwest on hwy 20 then on to hwy 26 up and over Mt Hood to our home base in Boring, Oregon. My MIL, Sharon, welcomed us home with a delicious dinner. Now that we're close to family and friends it will be even harder to maintain social distancing.😥
    After four and a half months and 8000 miles it feels good to be back in Oregon though very disappointing to have to cut our trip short. On a positive note, at least we don't have to worry about tornados and hail storms!
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  • Day103

    April 8-13

    April 13 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 43 °F

    Except for hiking and walking around Kingman we continue to self isolate. We decided to head back to Oregon on Easter Sunday. Traffic was light and wildflowers were in bloom as we made our way to Tonopah, NV for our first night's stay. Today we continued north through central Nevada's gold mining country for a night's stay in Winnemucca before traveling to Burns, Oregon then on to our home base in Boring, Oregon.Read more

  • Day97

    March 31-April 7

    April 7 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    We spent our last two days in Albuquerque hiking the desert adjoining the RV park. We also stocked up on groceries and shouldn't have to provision again for two weeks.😊
    Thursday we departed New Mexico for Arizona, a windy drive, arriving at Ft Beale RV Park in Kingman after a seven hour drive.
    The weather has been beautiful, in the low 70's, so we've been taking our daily walks around the neighborhood and into downtown Kingman. They have some nice murals and metal sculpture. Today we took a walking tour of Kingman's historic buildings. It's been easy to practice social distancing as it's pretty dead around here.
    I got my sewing machine out and repurposed a pillow case into masks for Randy and I. We've been starting out our mornings with dynamic stretching, resistance band, pilates ring and bodyweight exercises. We've also been bowling with our Nintendo Switch. I'm ahead best 2 out of 3 the past two days....not that we're keeping score. 😉
    We'll probably stay put for the next week or two before heading north.
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  • Day89

    March 24-30

    March 30 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 54 °F

    We began our return journey to Oregon on Tuesday. Our first night was spent in Tallahassee, FL;
    Wednesday in Hattiesburg, MS; Thursday in Longview, TX ; Friday and Saturday in Goodlett, TX. Arrived in Albuquerque for a four night stay on Sunday. We're at Enchanted Trails RV Park a cute place with vintage trailers for rent. We've booked April 2-9 in Kingman, AZ then plan on 2-3 nights of boondocking our way back to our home base in Oregon. Our plans are of course tentative depending on the coronavirus situation. Though we're disappointed that we had to cut our tour of the southeast short we don't miss the humidity and record breaking heat.
    We've been diligently social distancing, "staying at home", washing hands and disinfecting surfaces and hope all of our friends and family are doing the same. It's amazing how many people are not... just ask Randy about the horror of truck stops.
    Stay safe and healthy.
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  • Day82

    March 19-23

    March 23 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    We arrived at Seasons in the Sun RV Resort in Mims, FL on Thursday. A very nice park with pools, clubhouse etc, all which were closed. There is a pickleball court but no one is playing, which is probably a good idea. We've mostly been staying at home, cleaning, reading, watching the tube and taking bike rides and walks around the park. Friday we took a drive to Canaveral National Seashore. I managed to snap a photo of a manatee while maintaining a safe social distance.
    We'd hoped to tour Kennedy Space Center but it was closed due to the virus.
    Since most of the sites we planned on visiting are closed as are restaurants and some RV parks we've decided to practice an abundance of caution and cut our trip short. It will also be good to be close to family during these difficult times. We'll be taking approximately the same route home as it took to get here, just at a slightly faster pace, traveling 5-6
    hours a day. This route will keep us out of tornado alley and the Rocky Mountains.
    I had some delicious take out shrimp and grits today. I'd hope to have some in South Carolina's low country but.... oh well. 🤷‍♀️
    To all of our family and friends, stay safe and healthy.
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  • Day77

    March 15-18

    March 18 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    We've had a quiet four days during our stay at Larry & Penny Thompson Park in South Miami. We've been diligently practicing social distancing, especially since Randy developed tonsillitis and wasn't feeling up to par Sunday or Monday. He was able to schedule a virtual doctor's visit, got a prescription for antibiotics and is feeling much better now. Tuesday we drove to Everglades National Park and took a long bike ride around the Flamingo Campground and Marina as well as Echo Pond. All visitors centers were closed.
    We came home to a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner,
    Today we biked the Old Cutler Trail and peddled past many, many multi million dollar mansions.
    Tomorrow we travel north to Mims on Florida's Space Coast.
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