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  • Day95


    March 2, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today we woke quite late, and this is unusual, but i guess the relaxed atmosohere has helped me catch up on the multiple hours of sleep I have lost over the past few weeks. we grab some breakfast but decide to just have a few hours chilling around the hostel and enquiring about the various must see places in the city, Ana is a German girl who is currently working in the hostel, and her help has been invaluable, although she hasnt been here that long, and hasnt seen half the things herself. After a coule of hours catching up on blogs , learning Spanish and speaking with my lovely daughter , we invite Ana to join us to viisit the museum memoria. This museum is a memorium to all the men, women and children that "disappeared" between the years of 1975 and 1977, in excess of 20,000. The new dictatorship basically culled anyone who they think posed a threat and over the months people would just dissapear.
    The place is harrowing but also eye opening to the fact this happened only 40 years ago and i have never heard of it. Young highly educated people were kept in concentration camps , beaten to death or put into planes and literally dumped in the sea to die. Whats even worse is the families of these people had no explanation, and often no bodys were found so they were left with the fact that there wives husbands or children were just "missing".
    The museums way of showing this was also heart wrenching as they hung the id cards of all the people that had not returned , there was also an improvised picture of a group of teenagers in a park , all friends who had all disappeared within weeks of each other. This genocide has happened during my lifetime and as a mother i feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to help.
    We head for the supermarket on our return as i am cooking mexican tonight grab the relevant ingredients and back to the hostel to cook eat aand sleep with a very heavy heart. I never took any photos here as it didn't seem appropriate but will upload some others of beautiful Rosario.
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