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  • Day96

    Beatles Mania

    March 3, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We had plans to hit the beach today so we arose early to find they had predicted cloudy weather all day , and it's one of the coldest days we've had since being in South America so we opt to see more of the city. Our first port of call will be the museum of contemporary art, about a 40 min walk from the hostel. The atmosphere here is so relaxed that it's 10 oclock before we leave the hostel. Mark picked up a book in Paraguay and hasn't been able to put it down, so I spend almost an hour pulling him away from it.
    Rosario is full of beatiful parks and the walk to the museum is along the river , along the way we come across an area that is dedicated to sexual diversity that flys the pride flag and actually has the stretch named as such -Paseo de Diversidad,. Rosario is one of the gay capitals of South America and has the romantic ambience to go with it. We arrive at the museum to find it is closed due to an exhibition taking place so we leave a little dissaponted and head for another museum located several blocks away.
    On route we stumble across a Beatles bar and head inside to quench our thirst. There is endless memoribilia and in the back is a Beatles museum, it even puts the one in Liverpool to shame as some of the things are really iconic , we finish our drinks and continue the voyage in search of an open museum.
    In most places in the city their roads run like a grid, everything is square so it's pretty easy to find your way around , unless your name is Mark .
    The next museum is also closed so we have to do the next best thing and shop, a couple of tops later and we make our way back to the hostel for tonight's acado ( Argentinian bbq)
    I cannot wait to eat the Argentinian steak and after last night's disappointment I am more than ready. The bbq is lit with all the coals in a 'bucket' in the centre once they are hot they break them into smaller pieces and spread them underneath a huge grill. The various meats are cooked slowly and then for the last 10 minutes with larger hotter pieces underneath. After a long wait 10pm and dinner is served. The various cuts of beef are served with sweetcorn and potatoes with egg . We eat intestine, blood sausage, ribs and the art de resistance fillet steak, it is delicious , with a full stomach I head to bed.
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