• Day101

    Sad To Leave

    March 8, 2016 in Uruguay ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    I wake early in the morning even though I spent two hours shivering with cold when I went to bed (or maybe it was the adrenalin ) so in total have had only 2 hours sleep. I am keen to make the most of this idyllic place . Its strange because I have split thoughts about leaving today. I would love to stay for longer because of what I witnessed earlier this morning but it's like chasing the dragon , some people have been here numerous times and never witnessed what I saw , so there's no guarantee I will see it again, and would it be as good second time around. We make coffee and juice and head down to the beautiful beach to relax for a couple of hours before getting on the bone shaker to catch our bus. The sand is the softest I've seen and I lay down my blanket while Mark goes off looking for crabs. The weather is deceiving as the wind is cool and strong but the sun is scorching. At midday we take the 3 minute walk back to the hostel to eat the pasta left over from last night. We board the 4x4 and enjoy the 20 minutes bumper ride back to the bus pick up point. The ride takes us out of the village and along the north beach which at a guess is about 20km long, over the sand dunes and to the information station where we will be picked up. I bought the tickets for our return journey yesterday as we've been caught out before. The bus arrives on time but we are told that we have to get on the other bus it's no issue as they are both going to the same place. The 4 hour return journey seems endless, but we have a bonus of witnessing the most amazing sunset . We arrive at the bus station at 8 oclock and are in no mood for the 30 min walk to the hotel (only cos it's the same price as a hostel) so we grab a cab and arrive shortly later. We are both starving and desperate for a shower. The shower here is one of the best I've had, hot water and complimentary toiletries, I'd forgotten how the other half holiday. There is a supermarket just down the street so after we pick up a few nibbles we get back to our room eat our picnic and sleep.Read more

    Looking good bud xxxxxxx becks xxx