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  • Day214

    Shower Dodging

    June 29, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    We have hired the quad for one more day and have decided to head out to Saquira to watch the sunset, firstly though we explore some of the local beaches including bombara and punta de monta. I have said that i think the sun sets on this side of the island but Mark is adamant that the picture hes seen on the map has a sunset on it so off we head. Marks sense of direction is not great but sometimes its easier just to go with it than to have the argument that i dont believe in him.. We head off down the muddy track which is now even muddier as it rained all night again. We reach a dead end in the road and when i ask a guy if he knows the way he says its back the way we came and the way i said to go . On route we stop at Tapau again, because there is a reef you can swim to here at low tide but when we arrive its not possible. We have a drink at a bar on the beach and i ask the guy about Saquira and he tells us this is where we can watch sunrise. Lol im not gonna say i told you so!!!!! Back on the quad we make our way back to punta de monta where we arrive just after 4 and the view is spectacular. We enjoy a drink mine being non alcoholic because im pregnant .., only joking im still not feeling 100% and ad we sit here a group of Americans come down on the beach. They are a family and the son is getting married here on Saturday at 4pm. Im so glad tonight is such a perfect sunset as she must be so happy at the beautiful setting she has for her special day. We all share a drink as the sunsets and wish them well for the weekend. A quick shower and out for a bite to eat but im feeling really sick so we finish up and go back to the room. The room is spinning but i lay down and eventually drift off.Read more