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  • Day215

    Staying local

    June 30, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Weve dehired the quad cos i want to explore the local area a bit more. We have breakfast and decide to walk down to the beach and in the opposite direction to where weve been the past few days. We get onto the beach and sit on our own little piece until the tide comes so high we nearly get washed away rucksack and all. We make our way over to the next beach scrambling over the sea defence of rocks that have been placed on the shoreline and it once again brings me back to how global warming has effected even places like here. We relax on the beach for a couple of hours me just soaking up a little sunshine while Mark goes rock pool fishing. We walk back along the beach and stop in a little bar where we get chatting to two lovely ladies who dont speak any English, but with the help of my little pocket dictionary we hold a conversation for a good few hours. Back to the room between the itermittent showers we take a shower and at ten past 4 i say to Mark we need to head along the beach to watch sunset but 10 minutes later hes still got his head stuck in candy crush and i head off on my own. Rather than walk along the beach i make my way down the street that runs parrallel and im shocked at how many top end luxury complexes stand empty. I suppose they make enough money in peak that they can justify closing down in the winter. As i make my way down to the beach i marvel at the way the upturned coco trees have been carved into faces using the roots as hair. The indian fishing nets crowd the water here and the sun is nowhere to be seen , bit im enjoying the walk so carry on. I reach the beach front bar and order a coke knowing that there will be no marvellous sunset tonight and along the beach i see a familiar figure its Mark and im even happier to see him because ive forgotten my cigarettes. We share a drink as the sky turns black and once again the heavens open but as quickly as it starts it stops. By the time weve walked back its dark and we grab a shower before making our way to a different place to eat tonight. I place our order and then a different guy comes to our table And says the owner hasnt understood us ??? maybe my portuguese isnt that good after all😳 The guy speaks fluent english and tells us he lived in the States for two years, is from Curitiba but came here to surf 10 years ago and never left. When i ask about the reef he explains the tide is controlled by the moon and its only possible to dive here when there is a full moon, which wont be for a few days. We eat dinner and for thr last time head back to our little room in paradise 🏝Read more