• Day2441

    The last goodbye

    August 4 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Even though I went to bed late last night I work this morning early and am glad to see the girls are still here but they are ready for that flight. This is our last goodbye or maybe not as you find when you travel the way people will meet up time and time again. This morning I've been invited out with the locals and spend the first half of the morning of loading my GoPro before heading over to Warren brothers. When I arrive they have caught a 35 kilo tuna and within half an hour it's cut into pieces and sold on. I'm really impressed at the way this is done has even the last few pieces that are attached to the bones are used for ceviche. I try it and it's absolutely delicious. In the afternoon we ride to Pantai waicicu the ride there is really beautiful and once again I'm so glad to be doing something again today. We enjoy a short time on the beach and Rahman hires a canoe. The really sad thing here is there are so many abandoned boats. When covid hit there were no tourists and the local people could not afford the upkeep of these boats without people paying for them and with the water being unforgiving there are many that are beyond repair just left in the bay. We paddle out around the island and come back to do some snorkeling. I enjoy sunset back at the bar before going back to the hostel to shower and change. Along the promenade the children play every evening on skateboards and fishing with small reels of plastic twine tonight as I walk there is a young girl of about 6 carrying a pair of rollerblades that are way too big for her and on my return to the bar I see her skating in them. Every night as I've made the walk the children swarm around saying hello Mrs , it's really special and they all seem so happy. It's rare that you see a child here crying. Tonight is Nico's last night and I'm glad in a way that the bar is not so busy as it's nice to just spend time with the staff and Nico. We don't have a late one and I really enjoy the fact the girls join us tonight Ica is one of the girls who works here but since I've been coming here I have never really had the chance to sit and talk with them.At the end of the evening Rahman drops me home and invites me to join them for Nico's farewell breakfast in the morning.Read more